From: Micucci, Claudio
Sent: 2. september 2010 22:08

Dear All, 

After one year and nine months, itís time for me to change: Iím moving to GG Madrid.

 Since I donít like to say goodbye, I preferred to write a simple e-mail to thank you all.

 This has been a great experience for me, Italian, in a so cold country.

Thanks for your support, for your cooperation, for your patience and understanding.

A special thank to all the people I met on the shop floor. 

I would have liked to change much more, this is my role, but for many reasons the final result is not so visible.

Nevertheless now that Iím leaving I feel that something is really moving.

 Iíve been learning a lot from you and hopefully you learned something from me.


I wish you all the best